Nano-Stone ST-1 / ST-2*

Invisible hydrophobic water repellent coating prevents water absorption of concrete, stone, marble.

Nano-Stone ST-3

Strengthens and stabilizes crumbling or peeling stone.

NR Nano Grout

Invisible nano-liquid mixes with grout powder to prevent mold, cracks and crumbling and makes the grout dirt-repellent and cleanable.


Water-based coating for concrete casting moulds enables easy mould/concrete separation and does not stain concrete.

BO-STONE natural or wet look

Water based coating prevents stains on mineral surfaces

Nano R-1 grout protection

Invisible hydrophobic top-coat water-repellent, prevents mold, cracking, disintegration, and makes grout easy to clean.


Hydrophobic protective coating for acrylic paint repels water and prevents mold and fungi.


GL-3 Nano-Glass

Invisible hydrophobic water-repellent coating for balconies and paved roofs

NAG - Nano Anti Graffiti

Invisible anti-graffiti coating prevents absorption of spray paint into walls.  Enables complete cleaning with no remaining “shadow” paint residue.

ESP-700C HD Anti Graffiti Photo-catalytic transparent coating

HD-Photocatalytic transparent coating for concrete, marble, stone & ceramic

Transparent barrier coating for cast-concrete repels dirt and prevents cement fluid staining.


Clear photocatalytic floor coating – repels stains while increasing surface friction for improved pedestrian safety



Protects Corian, quartz & synthetic countertops from stains and micro-scratches.


Q-10 Underwater Seal & lock

Unique sealing technology can be applied underwater so does not require emptying the pool.