Hydrophobic protective coating for acrylic paint repels water and prevents mold and fungi

What is NC-10?

The coating is applied in a single thin layer and optimized for application on walls, ceilings and any other element that is pre-painted with an early layer of water based acrylic paint or water-based acrylic topcoat paints. The coating is water-based and odorless, ultra-thin (nano-sized), hydrophobic and oleophobic.


NC-10 has a unique “breathing” capability (nano-tube with a “unidirectional valve”) and has phenomenal, long-lasting water-repellent features to prevent moisture absorption. This element drastically reduces the growth of fungi and mold that are typically present in a humid environment but are not limited to these places.

Thus, NC-10 is a unique breakthrough innovation that provides comprehensive protection against mold and fungi and eliminates most of the typical contaminations in those areas. NC-10 is an excellent coating to improve environmental hygiene against molds and fungi that damage the respiratory tract, causing infections and diseases in humans and animals.


NC-10 is cost-effective regarding terms of maintenance, drastically reducing the need to repaint, savefor repainting, saving on labor costs and reducing the using of strong detergents which causing that are harmful to the environment pollution.

NC-10 greatly improves the protects against paint disintegration and provides an excellent barrier against UV rays, soot, dirt etc.

NC-10 protects and preserves the initial properties of the coated surface properties for a longer time than an uncoated surface.

What is it intended?

Bathrooms, basements, kitchens, balconies, indoor roofs, swimming pools, saunas, yachts, marine, refrigeration rooms, food plants, cooling trucks on concrete, stone, marble, ceramics, plastic, metal, wood who early paint with acrylic water based paint.


NC-10 provides unique hydrophobic & anti-mold & fungi protection from the exotic nano world