The use of this website and the purchase thereof are subject to these terms of use. The mere use of the website constitutes your agreement to these terms, and they will constitute a binding agreement between you and the website operator. These terms will prevail over what is stated in any other publication. These terms were written in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “the Law”).


Website –

The products – the products offered for sale on the site.

The day the order was placed – the day the credit card company approved the transaction, or the PayPal company approved the charge.

The operator of the site – Nano Coatings Ltd., PO Box 515109635 from 1 Shidlovsky Street in Yavneh (the address for self-collection is different, as detailed under “Shipments”) and any person on its behalf. More information about the company can be found on the company’s website: http://www

Business days – weekdays, Sunday to Thursday, excluding Friday, Saturday, holidays and holiday evenings.


The site is a virtual store for the sale of nano-technological materials for coating and cleaning surfaces, owned and managed by the operator of the site.

the company’s products

The products offered for sale on the site are manufactured in Israel and have been adapted to the Israeli climate.

Please note: The product data on the site and the suitability of each material for the surface are based on the company’s knowledge and experience in Israel and abroad. However, surfaces from different vehicles may react differently to the material. Therefore, the material must be tested before use, in a hidden area of ​​the surface. In any case , the product must be used in accordance with the instructions for use that appear on the product page.

Prices on the website

The prices of the products on the website appear in NIS and include legal VAT. The prices do not include shipping fees which will be charged additionally, as detailed in the purchase process.

The prices of the products and the shipping fees may change from time to time without prior notice. Also, there may be special sale prices and different benefits from time to time, for periods at the discretion of the site operator that may end without prior notice. The valid price is the updated price at the time of completing the purchase on the website, including the step of providing the credit information.

In the case of doubling benefits – the conditions of their application must be checked in the details of each benefit.

Product availability

We try to present correct and up-to-date information about the availability of the products in stock. However, there may be mistakes, orders received at a later date, or a delay in updating the numbers, therefore the presentation of the products on the website should not be considered a binding offer to purchase them, and the customer will not have the right to sue for this. If an order is placed for an item that is not in stock, the transaction will be canceled, the orderer will not be charged, and the orderer will have no claims beyond that.

make an order

Orders on the website can be made using a credit card that can be settled in Israel, or by paying through PayPal.

In order to place an order on the website, the required details must be filled in accurately and reliably. The website operator may not place orders and cancel transactions at its discretion, and especially in such cases:

-Orders that do not include all the required information, including orders in which the information provided is not true on its face.

– If it appears that placing the order may harm the website operator or third parties.

– If the credit card is blocked or restricted.

-If it appears that the order is related to an illegal act.

– If the customer or a person related to him has a debt to the website operator or has violated these terms of use.

If the person making the order gave inaccurate details, the website operator will not be responsible for late delivery or non-arrival of the product. If the products are returned to the website operator due to incorrect details, the customer will be charged shipping and handling fees for the returned shipment.

The website operator will use the details provided by the customer only for the purpose of placing the order, subject to these terms of use.

If the credit company does not honor the transaction, or PayPal and similar companies do not honor the charge, the site operator will be entitled to contact the orderer in order to complete the transaction or cancel it, and the orderer may contact the site operator for this purpose. If the issue is not resolved within 5 business days, the website operator will be entitled to cancel the order.

It is clarified that when ordering through PayPal, the website operator will be able to make the payment only after receiving confirmation from PayPal.

Permission to contact the client

The website operator has the right to contact the surfer who has selected items for purchase and has not completed the purchase process, including via email.

If you have signed up to receive mailings or other messages from the website, unsubscribing will be your responsibility, and must be done through the link provided for this purpose in each mailing or message. If there are several mailing lists of the website, you must ensure removal from each of them, according to your choice.

If you have signed up to receive mailings or other messages from the website, this constitutes your consent to receive marketing information and advertisements from the website operator.

Supply and deliveries

The customer is offered several options for receiving the products: delivery through a courier company to the home, and self-collection at the website operator or collection points as specified on the website. The shipping cost changes from time to time and is published on the website on the “Shipments” page and on the order placement page (the “shopping cart” page).

Self-collection is possible subject to the availability of stock at the collection points, and the opening hours indicated on the website.

The amount of the shipping fee will appear at the end of the order process, depending on the products and the method of delivery chosen by the orderer. In the case of a purchase in installments, the shipping fees may be spread as part of the payments, and may be charged in full next to the first payment.

If our delivery company does not make deliveries to your locality, we will contact you and you can choose whether to cancel the transaction or choose self-pickup. If our attempts to contact you according to the details you provided within 5 business days are unsuccessful, the transaction will be canceled.

Delivery dates

In deliveries, the delivery time varies according to the delivery destination – please check the delivery time to your location on the website on the “Deliveries” page.

In self-pickup – up to one business day, subject to the availability of the product in stock at the pick-up point.

The website operator is not responsible for delays by the courier companies, but it will assist the customer with any claim against them.

Cancellations and returns

Before your order is shipped from us, you may cancel your order free of charge.

We of course send you good and normal products. In the event that you received a product that was damaged in delivery, or a product different from the one you ordered, you will be entitled to choose between the two:

Cancel the transaction at no cost to you, and we will pick up the product from the place where we delivered it.
we will take care