Nano R-1 grout protection

Invisible hydrophobic top-coat water-repellent, prevents mold, cracking, disintegration, and makes grout easy to clean

What is Nano R-1 grouting protection?

R-1 helps to prevent mold, cracks and crumbling of the grouting as a direct result of its action of repelling water and preventing absorption.


After the coating, the grouting will not turn to black because of mold, will crumble far less and will facilitate easy and quick cleaning!!


The reason: R-1 helps in the hydrophobic repellency of water and absorption, thereby avoiding swelling and expansion of the grouting after drying, and cracks, shrinking, crumbling and primarily blackening from mold as a direct result of moisture that remains.  


The R-1 coating is invisible and ultra-thin (nano-metric in size), water-repellent (hydrophobic) and oil-repellent (oleophobic) water-based, odorless, natural and environmentally friendly, and was optimally developed for absorbent and porous surfaces.


For what is it intended?

Internal and external use. For the external coating of buildings, bathrooms, around the bathroom sinks and showers (instead of silicon that blackens), sun balconies, tiled roofs, around pools, saunas, garbage rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and wherever grout is applied.  


* R-1 not intended for epoxy grouting.

The result received after coating:

The surface transforms into a “one-way valve”– from the outside inwards – there is water and absorption repellency (the causesof mold and disintegration) and from the inside outwards– carried out the act of “percolation” of the existing air and moisture outwards. In this way, the imprisoned moisture is released and dampness, mold, crumbling and cracking are all avoided.

Breathing, water based & harmless to the tiles

The results are amazing at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of using very small quantities of material!!


40 – 60 square meters per liter, depending on the width, texture, absorbency, and type of filling.


Spray until absorbed. A brush can also be used, but the coverage may vary.


250 ml;500 ml; gallon 3.8 liters; 19 liters

Transportation and Storage:

In its original and sealed packaging will keep for up to two years. Must be stored in a closed area at a temperature of 3 – 30 degrees Centigrade.