Nano-Stone ST-3

Strengthens and stabilizes crumbling or peeling stone

What is Nano-Stone ST-3?

Nano-Stone is an ultra-thin (nano size) invisible, water-based, natural coating that resists water (hydrophobic) and oiliness (oleophobic), optimally developed for strengthening and stabilizing crumbling top layer stone and concrete.


ST-3 “opens” the week layer, penetrating about 1.5 to 3mm into the depths of the structure and stabilizes the uper layer.


The product possesses the unique attribute of constant “breathing”, does not change or affect the structure and nature of the surface and excels in phenomenal attributes of extending the water resistance, thereby helping prevent absorbance and dampness.


The hydrophobic, self-cleaning effect (light rain is sufficient), stable UV durability greatly improve the durability to erosion, continued crumbling, increasing the resistant to soot, dirt, dust, mildew and mold pollution.


In this manner Nano-Stone ST-3 protects and preserves, as new, the initial attributes of the coated surface for an extended period of many years.

What is it Intended?

Lime stone, concrete – blocks, external building facades, bridges, tunnels, cement surfaces, exterior / interior uses.


The Result Received after Coating:

1) The “sick” stone, which is characterized by peeling of the exterior layer and / or dusty disintegration that causes dirt, an austere appearance, penetration of dampness and even weakening of the stone itself, receives penetrative, layered, solid and robust stabilization.
2) The surface becomes a “one-way valve”, from the outside inwards there will be water resistance that helps against penetration of dampness and absorbency, which causes mildew and distention. From the inside outwards a permeation occurs of the air and humidity existing within the surface / structure. Thereby the captive air is released and dampness and mildew is prevented in the interior walls and ceilings, as well as distention and / or peelings above panels. An additional consequence of its capabilities: the coating contributes to protecting the iron found in concrete against corrosion and erosion.

*   In rare cases it should be mentioned that even after coating and on condition that all the application instructions were followed – it is possible that a natural, light and acceptable continuation of the aforementioned instability will continue and which are supposed to cease after a few days or weeks according to the type of surface.

Tip: For best protection use nano ST-1 as top coat in order to increases the hydrophobic contact angle & the total defence

The results are amazing at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of use of very small quantities of the material.

Additional Characteristic Attributes and Protective Advantages:

Specifications are identical to Nano-Stone ST-1

Coverage Capacity:

About 10 – 25 square meters/liter, depending on the type of stone, absorbency, texture, depth of the peeling and so on.
In order to achieve a proper dispersion result and economy of material, the original Nano Coatings spray should be used!

Storage Conditions:

  • In the original unopened container, the product is useable for up to 12 months.

  • In a closed space at a storage temperature of 3 – 30 degrees Celsius.


spray 500ml ,gallon 3.8 liter , 19-liter can.