GL-3 Nano-Glass

Invisible hydrophobic water-repellent coating for balconies and paved roofs

What is a Nano glass GL-3?

Nano-glass GL-3 is an invisible and ultra-thin coating (nanometric in size), water & oil repellent (hydrophobic + oleophobic) natural and environmentally friendly optimally developed for absorbent and porous surfaces in ceramic tile, porcelain, natural marble, and grout.

GL-3 presents an excellent barrier to absorbent flooring systems and therefore highly effective as additional strengthening, for failed sealing and drainage systems.
GL-3 has unique features of permanent “breath”, does not change or affect surface hue or his nature as well as long-lasting water-repellent properties that help to prevent absorption and moisture.

GL-3 is an active hydrophobic feature allowing self-cleaning (during rain or rinsing) of dust, soot, and dirt because of the fast water drops rolling.

GL-3 designed for:

Bathrooms, sun terraces, paved roofs, showers, etc.

Main advantages:

  • Hydrophobic – water repellent and moisture
  • Protects grout – absorbency, and mold
  • Does not change the surface hue – invisible
  • Strong UV stability – does not crumble or peel
  • Produces an efficient water barrier in addition to existing infrastructure

Application instructions:

* Read and understand MSDS before use

  1. Clean and rinse the surface with soap and water. In case of severe lime scale use lime scale remover. Recommended Z-200 of Nano Z Coatings.
  2. The surface must be completely dry
  3. For deep macaroon cleaning use CW-101 (in the kit – gray bag)
  4. Wait for full drying and evaporation for 2-3 minutes
  5. Spray and disperse Nano Glass GL-3 coatings using a microfiber or high-quality cloth in rotary motion, without applying pressure onto the surface, half a square meter at a time. Spray a fine mist cloud 10-15 cm away. Avoid drops leaks.
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes to dry and crystallize
  7. Gently clean residues using rotary motion until the final shine achieved. Avoid applying pressure onto the surface.
  8. Apply in the well-ventilated area at an ambient temperature of 5-40 degrees Celsius
  9. A pre-test must done in a small, hidden place
  10. Initial drying time: 3 hours: Final drying time: 24 hours

In case of application failure, the above actions can repeated

GL-3_מרפסת שמש.jpg



Cover Capacity:

Ceramic / Porcelain: Up to 100 Sq/m / Liter depends on the nature and absorbency of the surface, grout gaps, surface structure, age, etc.


50 ml | 250 ml | 1 liter | 3.8 liters | 19 liters

Storage conditions:

  • In closed & original containers up to 18 months
  • Storage temperature 3-40 degrees Celsius
  • Ethanol-based product. Keep away from heat and fire. Stor in an indoor ventilated place.

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