Q-10 Underwater Seal & lock

Unique sealing technology does not require emptying the pool

What is Q-10?

Super strong sealant, adhesion and filling under the water without the need to empty the pool, during tank leaks, water and liquids overflow, in a wet or leaking environment of holes and cracks.


The product creates a multi adhesion and sealing of great strength for a huge range of materials for application between materials that until today were almost impossible to connect in a stable connection.

What is it Intended?

For use in the harsh marine environment and swiming pools, in concrete, mosaic, ceramic, metal, most plastics, wood pools, leakages and overflow of groundwater, shelters, parking lots, tunnels, bridges, sewage, chemical areas, agricultural tanks and water reservoirs. Q-10 can be used also for the hygienic environment of hospitals, laboratories, kitchens etc.

How Does it Work:

The product creates a multi adhesion and sealing of great strength for a huge range of materials for application between materials that until today were almost impossible to connect in a stable connection.

Typical Work Environment:

  1. Repair, replacement and sealing without emptying pools and reservoirs – of tiles, broken parts, electricity and piping fittings, cracks, fractures, leakages of water from hardened and elastic swimming pools, water reservoirs, fish ponds, agricultural fertilizer tanks, metal and plastic basins, Jacuzzis, bathtubs, sinks, acrylic/metal/fiberglass shower cubicles, mirrors, glass, piers, rigs, stone and architectural concrete structures and more.

  2. To seal cracks and fissures up to 40 mm in flooded and leaking areas in roofs, shelters, parking lots, tunnels, walls, stone, concrete, wood, plastic, ceramic, marble, mosaic, granite porcelain surfaces, roof tiles, pottery, fiberglass and a huge variety of materials.

  3. For emergency repairs of leakages in sailing vessels, boats and surfboards.

  4. Integrated elements in facades such as screen cooling systems from aluminum to stone and so on.

  5. For seam connections in walls, roofs, balconies, bitumen systems and so on.

  6. For repairing and sealing roofs around sewage pipes and gutters. (Remark: For PP; PE; EPDM; TEFLON pipes the sealing will be perfect only by preliminary use of a dedicated primer and thereby the adhesion will be possible but it will not be hardened).

  7. For hygienic areas such as hospitals, laboratories, kitchens and so on.

  8. In systems for technological sealing.

Typical Attributes and Advantages of the Product:

  1. The only one in the world that works, hardens and adheres under water, dampness, leakages, flooding and is resilient to seawater and chlorine! For interior and exterior use in any environment or weather!

  2. Immediately seals in the course of rainfall, leakage, seepage, flooding up to a width of 40 mm. Complies with the DIN EN 27390 Standard.

  3. Stretches up to 400%. Complies with the DIN 53504 Standard.

  4. Durable at temperatures of (-40) – (+90).

  5. Tremendous tear strength: 26 kg/square cm! For illustration: a tile 20*20 cm requires 10.4 tons! Complies with the DIN 53504 S-2 Standard.

  6. Resilient to chemicals, elliptical solvents, oil, grease, diluted organic acids, augmented alkaloid, esters, ketones and aromatic acids. It is not resilient to concentrated acids, hydrocarbon chlorine and chloride hydrocarbons.

  7. Excellent resilience in a marine, UV environment and in any weather.

  8. Facilitates adhesion of various materials under the water such as metal or plastic to ceramics.

  9. Suitable for exterior and interior use as well as underwater.

  10. Available in the following colors: Beige (sand), white, grey and black. Other colors are available on special order.

  11. Odorless and without solvents. Does not contain silicon – is 100% silicon-free!

  12. Adheres and seals immediately, however final drying is after 24 hours!

100% silicon Free

Manner of Application:

  1. Clean the area to be treated well with rough abrasive pad (Scotch-Brite) and apply in a generous layer.

  2. Elements to be adhered – press these elements firmly together for a few seconds.

  3. Residues can be removed with a sharp knife.

  4. Q-10 is not aggressive but it is always recommended to wear gloves.


12 months from the date of manufacture when it is closed in its original container and located in a cool and shaded place.


435gr pack  |  60gr squeeze tube