Nano-Stone ST-1 / ST-2*

Invisible hydrophobic water repellent coating prevents water absorption of concrete, stone, marble.

What is Nano-Stone?

Nano-Stone coating is a natural, water-based, eco-friendly, invisible,and ultra-thin (nano sized) water and oil repellent  (hydrophobic & oleophobic), optimally developed for absorbent and porous surfaces.


The coating possesses the unique property of constant “breathing”, does not change or affect the structure or the surface nature, and excels in phenomenal attributes, from extending the material lifespan to water repellence, which assists in preventing absorption and dampness.


The hydrophobic, self-cleaning effect (as a result of light rain is sufficient), stable UV durability, greatly improves the resistance to erosion and disintegration. It is durable to soot, dirt, dust, mildew and mold contamination. In this manner Nano-Stone ST protects and preserves as new, the initial textural properties of the coated surface for an extended lifespan.

What is it Intended?

For all types of concrete-blocks / regular / smoothed / surface, sewage pipes, ceilings, exterior, interior uses, buildings, bridges, tunnels, terrazzo floors, decorated floors both new and those intended for preservation, textured and smooth walls, whitewashed blocks, sandstone, roof tiles, granolith, lime stone, pavers, marble, granite, cement board, terra cotta and any porous mineral surface.

How Does Nano–Stone Work?

Nano-Stone ST penetrates and coats also the depths of the surface including cracks and is applied as a very thin 25—100 nm coating.
Nano-Stone ST cannot be defined as a “sealant material” since in its action it does not fill in the surface thereby creating the “sealing”, but chemically adheres to and coats the smallest possible surface contours. This property is of supreme and key importance in preserving the initial characteristics for an extended period of time. This breakthrough bestows new capabilities to the nano technology based product, and it is one of the properties that differentiates the coated surface and provides it with a unique and excellent advantage, which does not exist today in any sealant of any type!

Results Achieved After Coating:

The surface becomes a “one way valve” – from the exterior inwards, there is hydrophobic water repellence that assists in preventing absorption and dampness that causes mildew and swelling – and from the interior outwards, there is a “permeation” action of the air and humidity existing in the surface/building towards the outside. Thereby the entrapped humidity is released and dampness and mildew is prevented in the interior walls and ceilings, as well as swelling and/or peeling from the panels.

Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of use of very small amounts of the material!

ST-1 Standard Uses
ST-2 high level - seashore areas

Tested & Approved By the Israeli Standards Institute

Typical Properties and Protection Advantages:

  • Penetrates also into cracks and holes.

  • Assists in retarding corrosion, disintegration and destruction of the coated surface for an extended period of time also under harsh environmental conditions of humidity, sea and saline humidity, bacteriological contamination, soot, mildew, fungus, dampness, mold and so on.

  • Anti adhesive and contamination repellence properties that contribute to easy removal.

  • Saves on chemicals for cleaning purposes.

  • Extraordinarily stable UV durability and resistant to high environmental temperatures. Other existing products based on silicone, oils and fluorocarbons disintegrate and disappear in sunlight and solar radiation within a relatively brief period of time.

  • Safe in the presence of food and is not harmful to health.

  • Free of solvents and odorless. Chemically durable to a degree of PH 12—12.5.

  • Hardens in environmental temperature and there is no need for additional energy or any artificial UV processes during application!

  • Easy and simple application by means of: A) D.I.Y. application using a dedicated Nano-Stone ST spray until the surface is wet or completely immersed. B) Industrial use by standard air pressure.

  • The surface will actively repel water immediately after complete drying. Cleaning abrasion durability is achieved only after 24 hours. 

Coverage Capability:

7- 40 square meters/liter. Average of about 30 square meters/liter, depending on the absorbency, type and texture of the surface. 

Storage Conditions:

In an original sealed container, shelf life is for up to two years.
Storage temperature is from 3—30 degrees Celsius in a covered location.


 | spray 500ml | 3.8 liter | 19 liter cans

                               Special price Nano stone ST-1
                                              16.9 fl.oz – $39.90
                                              33.9 fl.oz – $72.00
                                              1 Gallon – $174.00