ESP-700C HD Anti Graffiti Photo-catalytic transparent coating

HD-Photocatalytic transparent coating for concrete, marble, stone & ceramic

What is the ESP-700 coating?

The coating in this structure is totally inert to environmental factors. it supplies exceptional anti-graffiti protection, and gives the coated surface excellent hydrophobic anti-graffiti characteristics and ice repellent, in contrast to organic chemical materials, that brake down under chemicals attacks.  


The photo-catalytic characteristics permits easy and rapid removal of graffiti without leaving a “shadow”, posters glue, labels, bird and bat droppings, soot, dust, salt, chlorine, verdigris, mold, green growth and virtually every kind of vandalism attached to the surface.  


ESP-700C is innovative and exclusive development of a unique chemical structure based on hybrid Silan epoxy, with a concentration of 99% solids by volume, without solvents, gives the basic structure exceptional strength of resistance to chemical attacks, harsh weather conditions, solvents, salt water and chlorine, while overcoming the collapse of organic structures.


Anti-graffiti coating & anti vandalism protection

What is it intended for?

  • Anti-graffiti, without leaving a trace of graffiti paint “shadow”.

  • Excellent resistance to many cleaning cycles without damage to the coating. 

  • Anti-micro-biological coatings for the environment in laboratories, hospitals, kitchens, food and pharmaceutical enterprises.

  • Strengthening the top layer of concrete, stone, marble surfaces and excellent chemical and physical resistance.

  • Photo – Catalytic coating that is: self-cleaning during rain or with a simple rinse.

Coverage capability

37.5 − 90 m2/gallon. 7.5 − 18 m2/liter.
The coverage is influenced by the nature and type of the surface.


Part A+B: 3.8 liters

Advantages of the protection

  • Permits cleaning and easy removal using standard methods, such as water pressure or with anti graffiti removal gel, GR-3 (of Nano Coatings). Furthermore there is no need to use strong mechanical and/or chemical means that are liable to harm the object.

  • Use of ESP-700 technology saves a lot of money and gives the surface protection and durability for a large number of removal cycles. Other coating materials crumble and must be renewed, immediately after every removal of graffiti or at most after 2-3 removals.

  • The photo-catalytic effect (self cleaning) of rain helps to keep the surface cleaner of dust, scale, soot, etc. Regular water spraying, and up to 70 bar, is sufficient even for the removal of bird and bat droppings.

  • Exceptional and stable UV resistance, and resistance to high ambient temperatures. Other existing coating materials disintegrate and disappear, especially as a result of sun light and radiation.

  • Suitable for very absorbent mineral surfaces, such as CC, stone, marble, granite, colored plaster, blocks, etc.

  • Also suitable for use in moist surroundings and/or with sea water salinity.

  • In swimming pools it permits easy cleaning and removal of verdigris and dirt.

  • Excellent chemical and physical resistance.

  • Resistance to wear − dramatic improvement and durability for many years, 5-10 years or more.

  • Strong resistance to physical and/or mechanical vandalism.

  • Significant improvement of thermal resistance.

  • The high flash point awards the coated surface excellent resistance to spreading of the flame and resistance to the spreading of the fire that aid in reducing fire risks, and to safe shipment and storage of the product.

  • 99% solids. Organic hybrid coating with very low VOC without using solvents, significantly contributes to the reduction of waste emissions caused by solvents.

  • The process uses 100% mixed materials.

  • Relaxation at a low temperature of 50°C.

Characteristics of the product

  • VOC level ( using the EPA-24 measurement system): < 10 g/liter. Very low and more than required by the American standards.

  • Dilution: Not required.

  • Drying/ hardening mechanism: Natural, without external means.

  • Level of gloss: 90%, very high.

  • Flash point: Basis A: 252°C; Basis B: 96°C.

  • Drying time (at 20°C): For touch: 5-10 hours. Final: 8-12 hours.

  • Life time after mixing (at 20°C): 6-8 hours.

  • Thickness of the coating: Vertical 50-100 microns. For surfaces: 150-240 microns depending on the requirements.



Airless, hand spray gun with high flow rate; roller, brush.

The surroundings and the tools may be cleaned with industrial acetone, but only before the product has dried.

Method of preparation of the coating

a) Before mixing the materials, it is essential to thoroughly mix Part A for 2 minutes and Part B for 1 minute, every material in its own container.

b) Pour the contents of Part B into Part A and thoroughly mix for another 2 minutes.

The parts may be mixed but the proper ratio between the parts (50% Part A + 50% Part B) must be maintained.

When using the material and until using up the entire quantity mixed, it is essential to continue mixing every few minutes.

Method of application

Thoroughly clean and flush with clean water to remove dirt and dust.
Apply to a dry surface only.
Spray and spread thoroughly as required. To obtain uniform results (polymerization) of high quality it is recommended to use a special Paxton brush of Nano Coatings or a standard industrial airless spray gun.
Apply the second coat about 45-90 minutes after the first coat, while the surface is still slightly tacky and is not dry. (The time depends on the thickness of the coat and the ambient temperature.)
Do not apply if rain is expected during the time of the application or in the 24 hours following application.

Mall in Tel Aviv Before cleaning

Mall in Tel Aviv After cleaning & coating

Details of the major characteristics

Design of the structural spine of the hybrid coating is based on the element of Si-0 Silan, that provides the natural basis for the characteristics of natural resistance to wear.

The results

  1. The coating is not affected by solar radiation, atmospheric oxidization and wear (also with combined suspended particles, such as soot, salt, etc.), in contrast to every other coating based on organic materials based on oil, that in the end rapidly disintegrate under such conditions.

  2. The coating keeps like new the shade of the color of the surface, as well as its shine, over a period of time longer than any other coating that shows signs of fading and loss of color after 2-4 years.

Protection against graffiti

Because of the hydrophobic nature of the ESP-700 coating, the protection against graffiti is excellent and absolute for many years, with stable resistance to numerous cleaning cycles. Other anti graffiti protection materials withstand only one or a few cycles, and are sometimes removed during the first removal and cleaning cycle or disintegrate as a direct result of sunlight, and consequently it is necessary to immediately renew the coating.
After coating, the coated surface that was damaged by graffiti, also from other pollutants, such as bird and bat droppings, fruit, grease, etc., becomes easy to clean without leaving the usual graffiti “shadow”, or any other traces whatsoever, while protecting the surface and the shine.
The aforesaid hydrophobic nature gives an aesthetic appearance of cleanliness to the object for a long period of time, while directly combining the photo-catalytic effect (self cleaning), that significantly reduces the adhesion of various pollutants such as soot and air pollutants. In this way, in practice every rain fall or spraying of water will remove them. The result is that the object looks new for much longer.

Resistance of the surface to the spread of fire

The ESP coating system has excellent resistance to the spreading of fire that meets the regulatory requirements in various countries.

Resistance to radio activity

The ESP series coatings are not affected by radio activity and they have an excellent decontamination rating, and are consequently intended for extensive use in surroundings such as nuclear piles, laboratories, and x-ray rooms and equipment.
The coating displays resistance and uniformity in a full structure without defects after a test with direct and accumulative radiation with a dosage of 4500 Mrad, in contrast to other known organic coatings that indicate significantly lower decontamination factors, with typical values of 500-1000 Mrad maximum.

Factors that contribute to cost savings from use of coatings from the ES series

  • Less layers are required. Consequently there is reduced weight and savings in the manpower required for application.

  • Extension of the life of the object because of significant improvement of resistance to wear.

  • It improves and preserves the shade, color, and shine for a long time and thus saves renewal costs.

  • Preserves the initial characteristics for a significantly long time and thus causes stability and savings of the current maintenance costs and a reduction in the risks of accidents and failures.

  • Does not contain isocyanates or chromatic lead.


This new technology supplies industry with a protective coating with improved performance characteristics, in an innovative and drastic way, in comparison with coatings based on existing polymeric and/or organic systems, and even in comparison with themselves that are found in one component of the coating.