Protects Corian, quartz & synthetic countertops from stains and micro-scratches

What is Nano-Glass & Ceramics?

CORIAN GUARD FC-20 is a nanometric inorganic resin coating with a thickness of 10-15 microns, a product of innovative technology that combines a stable and strong crosslink structure of nano particles with high concentration, low viscosity noble polymers. This has a dramatic significance in terms of appearance and physical properties that result in an esthetic and spectacular finishing. FC-20 is 100% solids, light odor and a Low VOC.


This technology is intended for the protection and preservation of a new worktop for many years, as well as for refreshing and renewing the worktop appearance, that lost its initial beauty.


The result is a new and beautiful finishing. In comparison with any conventional coating that adheres to dense, smooth and shiny surfaces, this is the best choice with significant advantages.


FC-20 can be used for outdoors or indoors and offers strong UV durability, hardness, resistance to wear and micro scratches,  solvents, chemicals,  water stains, most spices, oils, sauces, acids, alkalis, as well as anti-graffiti and antifreeze properties thereby providing easy to clean effect.


FC-20 can be used underwater. FC-20 may be used on all quartz or synthetic worktop types such as: CORIAN, CAESARSTONE, SAMSUNG, synthetic resin sinks, toilets etc. FC-20 may be obtained with two finishes: matt / satin and light gloss.


What is it intended?

FC-20 is intended for the protection of kitchen and bathroom worktops, quartz sinks such as BLANKO, ARISTON, baths, shower basins, flooring, walls and kitchens cladding, stairs, counters.

Coverage capability

Up to 80 m2/ liter!! on non-absorbent surfaces, therefore offers excellent cost performance.