Clear photocatalytic floor coating - repels stains while increasing surface friction for improved pedestrian safety

What is the ESP-800?

This product has been designed for use on all surfaces requring increased pedestrian safety.

The coating in this structure is almost completely inert to environmental factors, provide extraordinary stains barrier against dirt and grease as well as excellent properties of hydrophobic, surface friction enhancement, chemical resistance, anti-adhesion, and easy cleaning.


This is an innovative and exclusive development of a unique hybrid chemical structure based on re-engineered of organic epoxy groups + silane to create the most advanced cross-link in the world,  99% solids in volume (almost without shrinkage) and without dilution.


This structure gives the polymer an exceptional strength, durability under harsh weather conditions wet and scalding environments. Thus, extending the life of the object by 2-5 years longer than normal, providing a stable appearance and maintaining the original surface while overcoming organic structural collapse.


The ESP-800 provides great safety in smooth, wet, and oily surfaces in relation to an uncoated surface, drastically reduces the need for detergents as well as reducing the cleaning cyclicality, and therefore saves labor costs.

Thus, ESP-800 significantly contributes to high-level environmental protection ESP-800 available in a matte or glossy finish to refresh a surface that has lost his shining, does not contain hazardous substances that can cause respiratory sensitivity and therefore reduced the negative health effects. In addition, the coating fully meets the most stringent US VOC requirements for safety and health without quality compromising or reducing performance.


What is it intended?

  • For uses around the pools, marine, yachts, kitchens,   lobby, offices, hotels, saunas, urinals, showers, stairs, production halls in food plants and where there are wet surfaces for pedestrian stumble compared to an uncoated surface.

  • Increased friction in a smooth surface, ceramics, porcelain, marble, concrete, wood, metal, plastic relative to the surface without coating.

  • Create a barrier that drastically reduces the absorption of different stains.

  • Excellent resistance to chemical & corrosion.

  • Strengthening, sealing and stabilizing damaged infrastructure including capillary cracks and grout.

  • Anti-fouling and repelling Biofilm, such as mold and green, allowing easy removal.

  • An ice repellent coating for weight reduction and protection against changes in the physical/chemical structure.