ESP-600 – Propeller Guard

ESP-600 - Propeller Guard

Unique protective coating for marine propellers.

What is ESP-600?

The coating in this structure is inert to environmental factors. It provides an innovative smooth surface, high-density hybrid cross-link structure, presenting superior protection to reject living organisms such as barnacles, marine vegetation, various pollutants thereby drastically reduce their ability to adhere and grow to the coated surface.

ESP-600 provides excellent hydrophobic and anti-corrosive protection, fuel saving, more power, less cost maintenance, keep the engine parts work more smoothly thereby increasing his life span

ESP-600 is a new Innovative thinking and exclusive development of a unique chemical structure based on hybrid Silan, the most advanced in the world, in a very high density of 99% solids by volume

The new molecular setting provides a new structure, exceptional strength, and durability under harsh conditions, especially in a marine environment, as well as superior survivability against typical marine attacks, which are existing in the sea while overcoming the organic collapse

ESP-600 does not contain materials that can endanger health, causing no breathing sensitivity, consequently has reduced influence on health and presents a high-level environment safety. The coating fully meets the strictest American VOC requirements for safety and health, without affecting or reducing the performance of the coating.


Coating advantages

  • Tremendous fuel savings because of a clean propeller.

  • Keep optimal speed close to the maximum speed possible.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs.

  • Extension the engine life span because of the reduction of the load and pressure on the propulsion assemblies.

  • High-quality and a strong barrier  against marine living organism attacks

  • Excellent stable chemical and physical resistance over the years.

  • Special structure characteristics enable the coating to cast off pollutants with continuous self-cleaning.

  • Significantly improvement of thermal resistance.

  • 99% solids, organic hybrid coating with very low VOC, without the use of thinners, causes a significant reduction of emissions of waste materials caused by solvents.

  • The process uses 100% mixed materials.

  • Curing at ambient temperature.


General information

  • VOC level (using the EPA-24 measurement system): < 10 g/liter. Very low and more than required by the American standards.

  • Level of gloss: 90%, very high.

Shipment and storage

  • In the original package and when closed, the product is good for up to one year, when kept under cover, at a storage temperature of between 5°C and 35°C (41-95 F)

  • A product that has frozen is not usable


DIY KIT: Coating A+B + fine brush + Manual thickness gauge coatings.




ESP-600 – Application instructions

* Read and understand the MSDS before use


  1. Remove existing pollutants thoroughly.

  2. Roughen the surface with a suitable sandpaper grade 280-300.

  3. Clean and wash thoroughly. Allow it to dry completely.

  4. For final cleaning- onto a completely dry surface clean with IPA or alcohol without residue. 


  1. Mix, separately, part A and part B for 1 minute.

  2. Pour Part B into Part A and thoroughly mix for another two minutes. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes until the air bubbles leave the mixture. The right time to get started is when the mixture is clear and complete without bubbles.

  3. Apply thickness of 80-100 microns in two layers (180- 200 microns) using brush/ roller / HLVP. Second layer applying 45-90 minutes after the first layer is stable and still slightly tacky in accordance with the ambient temperature. Do not let the previous layer to cure, as it will not allow applying the next layer.

  4. During the application, it is essential to continue slowly mixing the mixture every few minutes.

  5. Dilution: Not required. 

  6. Working Temperature: 5- 40 Celsius (41- 104 F)

  7. Lifespan after mixing (at 20°C= 68 F): 6-8 hours.           

  8. Curing time: Minimum 48 hours at an ambient temperature of 25 °C = 77 F and 50% humidity.
    A lower temperature or higher humidity can slow down the final curing time.    Do not put the yacht into the water until the coating is completely dry. ( Longer curing time is highly recommended) 

  9. Drying/ hardening mechanism: Natural, without external means.

  10. Do not apply when rain expected within 72 hours after application. 

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