GL-1 Nano-Glass & Ceramics

For indoor glass: Invisible water repellent coating prevents stains and limescale on glass and ceramics

What is Nano-Glass & Ceramics GL-1?

Nano-Glass & Ceramics penetrates into the depth of the absorbent surface and is applied as a very thin, protective coating, 10—20 nm thick.

Nano-Glass & Ceramics should not be classified as a “sealant” since in its action it does not fill the surface thereby creating the “sealing”, but chemically attaches to and coats the smallest possible contours of the surface.

In this manner, the size of the particles enables the smooth “breathing” of the coated surface.

This property is of supreme importance in the long-term preservation of the initial properties of the coated surface. This breakthrough provides new capabilities for nano-technology based products, and this is what differentiates and provides the coated surface with an excellent and unique advantage, which does not currently exist in any coating or sealant of any type!

Results Received After Coating:

  1. Smooth surface: The shower stall, for example, remains cleaner since the surface does not allow the water drops to be smeared but rather they become “floating” hemispheres that easily slide off and in addition the rolling movement of the drops off the surface cause the accumulation and removal of environmental dirt particles, such as: dust, soot and so on.
  2. Anti- adhesion: The chemical attachment to the microscopic contours of the glass causes the “locking” of the surface. From this point on, most of the contaminants, scale, mildew and so on cannot adhere to or develop but only “float” on it. Thus, in any event, cleaning becomes a lot easier and without the costs of additional cleaning materials.
  3. Cleanliness and economy: The capability of the coated surface to repel water and contaminants, almost independently via the “self cleaning effect”, which provides it with long-term cleanliness, transparency and clarity, and as a result:

a) The labor costs for cleaning are reduced by at least 50—60% thanks to longer periods between cleanings.

b) In solar panels it contributes to the maximum possible collection/utilization between cleanings and reduces the utilization losses caused by pollutants immediately after the initiated cleaning. (Namely: The panel also remains cleaner between cleanings because most of the dust particles can no longer adhere to the surface. The smaller particles are simply blown away with every breeze and the remainder is almost completely rinsed away by rain or initiated cleaning.

c) There is a known phenomenon on solar panels of small, dark local stains caused by various contaminants such as bird droppings or just dirt that adheres to the moisture on the surface and then dries. This negative effect of this phenomenon is harm to the pixels of the panel to the extent of “burning” them, which could cause irreparable damage. Nano-Glass & Ceramics prevents these contaminants from easily adhering to the panel, thereby facilitating easy removal from the surface both by the “self cleaning effect” and most certainly by initiated cleaning. The panel is consequently maintained in good working order and for a lengthy period of time.


Typical Properties and Advantages of the Protection:

  • Application on the vehicle’s windscreen amplifies the quality of vision and driving safety during heavy rainfall.
  • The robust UV stability provides the surface with many years of protection. Other silicone/oil and such coatings become damaged and dissolve rapidly, even from sunlight alone!
  • Nano-Glass & Ceramics GL-1 facilitates renewal of the coating after years of use using the ordinary application process. Other “nano products” or outdated technologies do not permit this and require a costly treatment that can include disassembly of the object and dispatching it to the factory for removal of the old coating and application of the new.
  • Chemically resistant to the degree of PH 14. Resistant to almost all household and industrial cleaning materials (except for concentrated disinfectants). Many of the other products dissolve and require recoating even after a single cleaning with normal usage of household cleaning materials!
  • The effect of solar collection is not affected because of the ultra thin coating. The coating leaves the glass clear and prevents turbidity and the “whitening” phenomenon of the glass for a longer period of time! This awesome property is most important in solar panels in that it facilitates the maximum collection utilization at the highest quality for the longest period of time.
  • Safe in the kitchen environment and in proximity to food.
  • It is possible to apply it by do-it-yourself smearing or using standard industrial airless systems (as small an aperture as possible).
  • Easy to apply it by do-it-yourself method or using standard industrial airless systems.
  • The surface actively repels water 2—3 hours after drying. Final readiness is after 24 hours.

Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of using only a very small amount of material!

Coverage Capability:

On glass 170—180 square meters/liter, depending on the absorbency property of the surface. On ceramics/porcelain: up to 100 square meters/liter, depending on the nature of the surface (flattened or smooth and the width of the filling between the tiles).


50 ml; 1 liter; 3.8 ;5 liters; 19 liters

Storage Conditions:

In a sealed original container, shelf life is for up to 18 months. Storage temperature is from 3—30 degrees Celsius. The product is ethanol based and must be stored in an enclosed, ventilated, protected place, far from any sources of heat.