What is RT Nano-Ceramic coatings?

Reduces friction, soot and smoke, and saves fuel

RT is a surface treatment solution that counteracts the negative effects of friction on mechanical systems: tear, abrasion, excessive temperature, and of course, energy losses.


It can be applied wherever friction is present in a mechanical systems, e.g. motor cylinders, gear boxes, bearings. The main application mechanism is through the lubricating oil.


The RT product is mixed with the oil and it is carried during normal operation to those places in which metal-on-metal friction produces local high temperatures. In these places, the product reacts with the surfaces in contact, forming a Nano silicate (ceramic) compound on the two surfaces. In this way, the metal-metal friction is replaced with ceramic-ceramic friction.


The duration of the reaction depends on the area of application. After the reaction has taken place, the lubricant can be changed, as needed, but the surface treatment remains in place for one to four years.

What is it for?

Vehicles, motorcycles, generators, gearbox, chains, bearings, trucks, bicycles, wind turbines etc.

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 60ml D.I.Y kit; 250 ml D.I.Y kit:  industrial packs.