Repels rain snow & dirt from helmet visor

What is Nano-HNP?

Nano-HNP is an ultra-small (nanometric sized) invisible, water repelling (hydrophobic) and oil repelling (oleophobic) coating that is natural and environmentally friendly. It was optimally developed for high-density acrylic surfaces.

The material possesses a unique constant “breathing” attribute, does not change of affect the shade and nature of the surface, excels in a phenomenal ability to repel rain and water with a “self-cleaning” effect for removal of dirt, snow, mud and air/soot pollutants thereby enabling easy cleaning without the need for cleaning materials. The coating bestows stable UV durability that greatly improves resistance of the surface to corrosion (loss of transparency) and decay.

What is it for?

For motorcycle riders’ helmet visors, windshields of motorcycles and motor scooters, transparent acrylic panels use in place of glass such as: skylights, Perspex roofs, plastic screens in sensitive exterior systems.

How does it work?

Nano-HNP, which penetrates and coats the depths of the surface, is applies as a very thin 10 – 15 nm coating.

The coating creates a strong molecular binding, which coats the smallest possible areas of the surface, thereby actually facilitating the smooth “breathing” action of the coated surface.

This attribute is of supreme and fundamental importance in maintaining the initial properties of the coated surface for many years to come.

This breakthrough technology bestows new capabilities on a nano-technology based products, and is one of the attributes differentiating it from other products and which imparts to the coated surface a unique and excellent advantage that no other existing product, of any kind, can provide!

The result received after coating:

  1. A safe, high-level product that makes the surface a robust hydrophobic one that repels up to 95% of the water, especially during heavy rains and thus in fact improves the safety of the rider as a direct result of drastic reduction of the amount of water striking the visor while driving, and increasing the total amount of information passing through it to the rider in real time.

  2. The drops of water are not smeared on the visor causing “blurred” vision that results in disruption of the information passing through, but instead they fly off like “beads” in every direction from the air pressure even at speeds lower than 60 kph!

  3. The nanometric size facilitates natural passage of light and complete transparency.


Amazing results at an attractive cost as a result of using very small quantities of the material!

Typical attributes and advantages of the protection:

  • The product remains stable and does not dissipate (up to 4 months for a single application).

  • Assists in retarding corrosion (loss of transparency), decay and destruction of the coated surface for an extended period of time, even in harsh environmental conditions of humidity, sea and salt humidity, bacteriological, soot, mold, fungus, mildew and patina pollution and so on.

  • Anti-adhesive property and repelling of pollutants contributes to easy removal of dirt.

  • Saves on use of cleaning chemicals.

  • Snow and mud are easily removed.

  • Extraordinarily stable UV durability and resistance to high environmental temperature. Other, existing products based on silicon, oils, fluorocarbons disintegrate dissolve in a relatively short time when exposed to sunlight and radiation.

  • Completely durable in freezing conditions.

  • Safe in the presence of food and is not harmful to health.

  • Free of solvents and is odorless. Chemically durable to the degree of 12 – 12.5 pH!

  • Hardens at the temperature of the environment and requires no additional energy or artificial UV process for application

  • Simple and easy application by means of:
    a) D.I.Y. using a dedicated spray bottle until the entire surface is covered or full immersion.
    b) Industrial use by means of standard compressed air equipment.

  • The surface will actively repel water 1 – 2 hours after complete drying. Durability to cleaning abrasions is effective only after 24 hours.

Standard cleaning:

Use new, unused paper cloth in a circular motion, without using force, until the desired bright appearance is achieved. (Clean water with up to 10% of common household soap can be used).

Coverage Capability:

100 – 150 m2/liter, depending on the manner of application, type and texture of the surface.

Storage conditions:

  • In the original closed container, the product is useable for up to two years.

  • In a sheltered place at a storage temperature of 3 – 30 degrees Celsius.


D.I.Y. kit: 1 liter;  5 liters, 20 liter.