M-2 Mud repellant nano coating

Repels mud from off-road vehicles, dirt-bikes, military vehicles, and agricultural equipment

What is M-2 Mud Repellent Nano Coating ?

It is a hydrophobic, nanometric, transparent, coating that is environmentally friendly, designed with a “self cleaning” effect as well as an “anti adhesive” attribute against mud, dirt, ice and snow, thereby reducing excess weight and assisting in maintaining the constant center of gravity and balance of the vehicle, thereby increasing its safety and stability under rough, off-road conditions of mud, dirt and snow.

Consistent use of the product will preserve the general appearance of the vehicle, will contribute to savings in fuel as a result of reducing excess weight (especially in regard to engineering and agricultural equipment), while the “self cleaning” effect will contribute to cleanliness and easy removal of dirt.

What is it for?

Off-road motorcycle, military and agricultural equipment. 


2 Wheels D.I.Y kit; 1 liter; 5 liters; 20 liters.