Nano-Textile TEX-10

Invisible hydrophobic barrier prevents absorption and protects fabric against liquids, stains, & fading

What is Nano–Textile?

Nano-Textile is a dedicated formula for protection of textile products. This water-based coating is natural, invisible, environmentally friendly and ultra thin. The material possesses the property of constantly “breathing”, which enables it to be used for clothing. Nano-Textile has excelent UV durability and phenomenal water & oil repellent (hydrophobic & oleophobic).

The coating does not harm the initial textural properties of the coated surface such as: color, softness to the touch, flexibility, printing and can be easily renewed in areas of greater wear and tear without changes.

"Breathing" - allows the release of body heat, sweat and does not cause irritation

For what is it intended?

For all textile products and almost all compositions of natural cloth in furniture, clothing, suits, dresses, bridal gowns, carpets, curtains, upholstery, bedding, for hospitals/retirement homes/nursing homes, vehicle and aircraft seats, textile wall coverings, silk, school bags and more, both at home and in a vehicle.

​How Does Nano–Textile Works?

Nano-Textile penetrates into and also coats the cloth fibers with a very thin 25—100 nm sized coating. Nano-Textile cannot be defined as a “sealant material” since in its action it does not fill in the surface thereby creating the “sealing”, but at nano size (one millionth part of a millimeter) chemically adheres to and coats the smallest possible surface contours.

Thereby, three simultaneous actions are achieved:

A) Excellent absorbency prevention and liquids repellence.

B) “Breathing action” critical to the object and to the human body. This is an element of unprecedented importance that transforms the surface into a “one way valve” – from the exterior inwards, it repels water preventing absorption and stains – and from the interior outwards, there is a smooth and constant “permeation” action of the heat and humidity from the body towards the outside.

C) Facilitates preservation of cleanliness and an aesthetic appearance of the cloth for an extended period of time.

No other coating offers these properties!

The revolution begins today – Stains of wine, cola, juice, cooking oils, grease, coffee, tea, sauces, mud, animal and human secretions and numerous other materials belong to the past after application of Nano-Textile Tex-10 protection coating. Easy absorption of liquids without applying pressure (also without rubbing) using absorbent paper towels or a cloth as soon as possible after the spillage will prevent almost any material from ruining and destroying the coated object.

                                                                      Special price

                                                                     250ml -24.90$
                                                                    500ml- 39.90$
                                                                     500ml x2-72$
                                                gallon + 2 liter sprayer-189$


Characteristic Properties and Protection Advantages

  • Cleaning becomes simple and easy.
  • The anti-adhesive property A) Repels and prevents absorption of various contaminants such as urine, feces, blood and so on. B) Prevents dust from sinking deep into the surface, thus the dust particles are easier to clean with an ordinary vacuum cleaner and cleaning becomes thorough, deeper and easy.
  • Extraordinarily stable UV durability. Other existing coating products based on silicone, Teflon and various solvents dissolve and disappear as a result of the heat and radiation of the sun, as well as air pollution!
  • Drastically reduces the costs of cleaning materials.
  • Other chemical materials do not possess the “breathing” capability and in many cases could cause their absorption into the skin and result in irritations.
  • Safe in the presence of food and approved for use is attested to by the CBA certificate.
  • Chemically durable to the degree of PH 13! No other product has this degree of durability. (Unusual in concentrated alkaline preparations).
  • Adheres at environmental temperature without the need for additional energy.
  • Easy and simple do-it-yourself application or by standard industrial air systems.

Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of use of very small amounts of the material!

Coverage Capability

10 – 40 square meters/liter (for cloth/fabrics take into account an additional 10 – 30% for each millimeter of thickness), depending on the absorbency and type of surface.


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