Transparent barrier coating renews and protects plastics

What is ESP-700P?

It designed as a strong environmental barrier of visible size, 100-150 microns thick against pollution, vandalism UV and excellent antgraffiti protector .It very inert to environmental factors.

The barrier offers exceptional surface protection against “cracks and dryness” caused by the sun light as well as superior hydrophobic properties, chemicals resistance and marine environment. It reject mold, dirt and enable their easy removal and this contrary to almost any known organic chemicals that decompose under the above exposure conditions.

This is a novel and exclusive development of a unique chemical structure, based on hybrid silan with a cross-linked structure. It has a concentration of 99% solids by volume (almost without shrinkage), contains no diluents and is intended to provide the polymer structure strong base and exceptional durability characteristics under harsh conditions of exposure to weather damages and corrosive environment.

The product extends the life of the object by years. It provides a stable appearance, protects the original surface and prevents the collapse of organic structures.

It is unique in that it breaks the backbone of the Silan and incorporates it into a cross-linked, high density chemical mixture with novel epoxy elements that offers a most extraordinary physical – chemical combination of qualities, compared to each separate material.

ESP-700-P does not contain materials that endanger health and that may sensitize the respiratory tracts, and consequently has reduced influence on health and presents a high level of safety and environmental quality. The coating fully meets the strictest American VOC requirements for safety and health, without affecting or reducing the performance of the coating.

Approved for food surfaces