Z-200 Cleans limescale, mold & rust stains

Uniquely effective cleaning for water-affected surfaces. Enables easy and complete removal of limescale, rust, and mold stains

What is Z-200:

Professional removal and cleaning of limescale, mold, fungi, scum, rust stains, urine stains and copper oxide.

What is it intended?

For glass products – shower cabin, sinks, mirrors, kitchen and wall cladding, ceramics – mosaics, marble, granite, corian, toilets, baths, urinals, saunas and pools, metals – faucets, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel-chrome plated products. Deeply cleanses by breaking the bonds of the contamination. Removes mildew and excellent scum in most of them as well. Removes rust stains and urine in toilets / baths / sinks / ceramics !!


Typical Properties and Advantages of the Product:

The product is not acidic and consequently does not harm the silicone sealant around shower stalls, rubber and plastic sealants, chrome nickel faucet coating and so on. 

How Does Z-200 Work?

Z-200 penetrates deeply into the surface and dissolves contaminants and coatings that are not connected to that type of surface. It thereby enables rinsing and easy removal using a damp cloth or scrubbing and rinsing.​​


250 ml; 500 ml; 3.8 liters; 19 liters.