MR: Highly concentrated formula for cleaning and rust removal of ferrous metals MRS: Highly concentrated formula for cleaning and rust removal of stainless steel

What is MR | MRS:

A concentrated industrial solvent for rapid and efficient removal of rust from various metals.

Manner of application

  1. Prior to application remove as much loose rust as possible.
  2. Spray / distribute / spread the material well on the surface using a sprayer / wiper / sponge / cloth / soft brush.
  3. The product works rapidly. Wait a number of minutes for disintegration. (Do not leave it to dry). Under certain conditions, allow the material a longer disintegration time, depending on the type of surface, age, mechanical thickness and so on.
  4. Rub in a circular motion.For particularly difficult cases, use a stiff brush and / or pressure washer at a moderate pressure of up to 150 bar, which will allow large-scale disintegration, removal and cleaning. Depending on the purpose, the action can be repeated a second time. (But only after washing and fully drying the previous layer).
  5. Rinse the surface well and allow it to dry. It is recommended to immediately apply protection to the metal such as primer, wax, polymer coating and so oncoating.
  6. It is mandatory to use gloves and protective measures for the face and body prior to use.



Before and after using MR


750 ml: 5 liters: 18 liters.

Transportation and Storage:

In its original packaging and in a shaded and closed place it will keep for one year. Material that freezes is not usable anymore. Product is caustic. Apply in an open and well ventilated place. Keep away from fire, source of heat and children.