High power removal of sealers and coatings

What is CS-5:

A unique environmentally friendly product developed with a very low VOC that was designed for powerful and easy removal of various single and double component paints and coatings, such as: polyurethane, epoxy, enamel, lacquers, variety of paints and more. Thus compound contains 15% high density renewable bio carbon that facilitates easy removal from almost any surface with just one application, by breaking down the chemical bond of the existing coating in a slow process. This is an excellent and far more powerful alternative to existing coating removers on the market, which are contain materials that are dangerous to use, breathe and store, such as NMP, acetone etc.

For what is it intended?

To dissolve sealants and coatings of almost all types from nearly all surfaces. It does not harm concrete, stone, aluminum, metals, steel, non-ferrous and noble metals, ceramics, porcelain granite, as well as a variety of other compound materials.

How does it work?

  • The product is designed to penetrate deeply, to break down and detach the chemical bond between the coating and the surface, contrary to the existing solvents currently available on the market, which are based on a variety of dangerous materials that operate by means of dissolving.
  • Since the work method consists of breaking down the chemical bond, the result is a slow, time consuming process. We believe in allowing the product the time required to perform its task.

Method of Application

  • Spread a thick layer of up to 12 mm using a roller/brush and wait a minimum of 45 – 50 minutes or up to 12 hours depending on the characteristics of the coating and the type of surface.
  • Collect the broken down material using a scraper, or rinse with a pressurized water washing system at medium pressure.
  • Rinsing with hot pressurized water will make the removal of the coating more effective and could make all the difference between applying one or two layers.
  • In some cases it will be possible to apply a second layer only after complete removal of the first layer.



  • Robust durability on the treated surface without evaporating facilitates savings of material and the need for applying an additional layer. (In certain cases the treated area should be covered with a nylon sheet until full break down). High flashpoint, up to 91 degrees Celsius and a low rate of vaporization enables removal of coatings in hot areas.
  • Compatible with the American VOC Standard.
  • Environmentally friendly and does not contain carcinogens or toxic components.
  • Does not contain aggressive solvents, acids, methylene chloride, NMP or other dangerous chemicals.


Variable, depending on the type, thickness, age and density of the coating as well as the type of surface from which the coatings are to be removed.


0.4 liter; 3.8 liter; 19 liters.