HWC-100 - EASY BATH Instant bed-bath

The first true in-bed substitute for a full shower No rinsing, no wiping, no harsh chemicals MANAGED RELEASE™ TECHNOLOGY

Why the EASY BATH no-rinse bed-bath?

EASY BATH enables a complete and thorough body wash in the comfort and safety of a patient or loved-one’s bed.

It provides all the skin-health and psychological well-being of a daily bath, without the risks of falls or the discomfort and embarrassment of being lifted and moved by caregivers.

EASY BATH is completely no-rinse and no-dry, and contains no alcohol or other harsh chemicals.

Its patent pending nanotechnology formulation washes, rinses, and applies a soft chamomile moisturiser … all in a single wipe!

One EASY BATH towelette equals one shower, with only 20ml of water.


Just add 3 spoons of water!

● A true bath substitute
● No rinsing or drying
● 10 year shelf life
● Leaves skin smooth and silky soft
● 100% organic & biodegradable
● Alcohol-free, hypoallergenic
● Bed remains completely dry

● FDA approved & ISO 13485 (medical device) certified

Instructions for use

  1. Add 20 ml of clean water to the cloth (add more as required).

  2. Massage thoroughly with the cloth and wash the body.

  3. Wait for 1-2 minutes for perfect evaporation.


  1. D.I.Y : 8 pcs

    CARTON BOX :  1200 pcs – Folded
    ROLL :  125 pcs.   8 rolls in carton box


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A breakthrough in personal hygiene technology

The EASY BATH patent-pending triple-action formulation: 

  1. Washes the skin with soap that has been nanotechnology-engineered to bind with the cloth and stay off the body

  2. Removes any remaining residue with a unique micro-rinsing action, and

  3. Applies a soft moisturizer to the now cleansed and rinsed skin All in a single pass of the soft, moistened, pampering smart-cloth.

The benefits of bathing, without the difficulties

  • Enhanced patient comfort and well being
  • Reduces skin irritation, fungi, eczema, etc.
  • Reduces number of orderlies, nursing aides, and overall hygiene-related costs
  • Enables faster and more frequent washings
  • Used in hospitals and senior-living facilities worldwide

The power of EASY BATH

  • Uniquely easy, safe, and effective

  •   ISO 13485 (medical device) certified

  • Hypoallergenic tested

  • Alcohol & latex free

  • Self-drying (within 2 minutes of washing)

  • 100% organic and fully biodegradable

  • Compact and easy to pack

1 pack – 8.90 $
3 pack – 17.8 $
6 pack – 29.9 $
Roll – 57 $