Flushable Disinfectant Wipes

World's first fully flushable disinfectant wiper Sterilize the whole bathroom and then... just toss it in the toilet

World's first fully flushable disinfectant wiper Sterilize the whole bathroom and then... just toss it in the toilet

Unique features:

  • Our wipers are designed to be disposed of in the toilet. They are fully flushable and 100% biodegradable, quickly dissolving with no risk of blockages or environmental impact 

  • No risk of cross – contamination or need for special handling – soiled wipers never leave the bathroom (they go into the toilet) 

  • Uniquely effective germicidal action, kills 99.99999% of germs (versus conventional products that kill 99.99% or less) 

  • ISO 13485 Medical Device certified, athroom fixtures may be used immediately after cleaning

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The (gulp) Toilet Challenge

Toilets and other bathroom surfaces are a notorious hot zone for potentially dangerous pathogens

Feces, vomit, urine, and other bodily fluids frequently contaminate these areas, posing major disinfection challenges

Conventional disinfectant wipers are problematic.
They do not kill all microorganisms, and those that survive can end up cross-contaminating other areas through improper wiper disposal

Thats where our unique patent-pending Germicidal Cleaning Wipes step in:

  1. They kill a significantly higher percentage of pathogens than other wipes, and

  2. They never leave the bathroom and so cannot contaminate any other areas- when finished wiping down, the cleaner simply tosses them in the toilet!

Another nanotechnology-driven breakthrough in infection-control solutions from Nano-Z Coatings!

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  • DIY packaging: 40 clothes with a multi-time opening to keep the wipes moist

  • Special DIY designed – according to minimum quantity order


  1. Use one cloth and wipe well the toilet seats

  2. Immediately throw the wipes into the toilet and rinse with water until it disappears into the sewer. Up to three cloths can throw per toilet water flush operation.

  3. Close the packing tab tightly after use.

  4. Immediate sitting is safe after the toilet seat cleaning


  • The product should only be used for its intended purpose

  • Store in a cool shaded place below 5-35 Celsius degrees

  • Frost can damage the product

  • For external use only

  • Do not use on open wounds or cleanse wounds