FC-100 Crystal Guard Ultra nano-coating for planes and yachts

Metals top coat barrier for micro scratches, surface renewal, and easy cleaning


Crystal Guard FC-100 is a very thin (10 micron) inorganic nanometric resin coating, which presents an innovative technology that combines a stable and hybrid cross-link structure of nanoparticles with high concentration and low viscosity noble polymers. This has a dramatic meaning in the visible result, and the physical properties provide a spectacularly strong and aesthetic finish

FC-100 is a compound of 2 materials that use 100% solids, a light odor, and a low VOC equal to 0
This technology is designed, on the one hand, to protect and preserve a new surface for years and, on the other hand, to refresh and renew the surface appearance that has lost its initial beauty, thereby presenting a beautiful, new finish.
FC-100 is the best choice with significant advantages compared to any conventional coating in the market
FC-100 is suitable for external or internal use and exhibits strong physical resistance, corrosion protection, anti-oxidation, improved hardness, micro scratches and abrasion resistance, excellent UV barrier, excellent solvent, and chemical resistance as well as resistance to water stains ,most  spices, oils, sauces, acids, soot, anti-graffiti, anti-iceing and presents easy to cleaning effect with the SELF CLEANING feature in places that are difficult to clean and maintain.
FC-100 can be used underwater
FC-100 can be used on almost all surfaces, lacquers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals such a silver, gold, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum , plastic, wood, anodized coatings, epoxy, synthetic or polyurethane paints, and more
FC-100 is available in 2 finishes: matte/satin and glossy
FC-100, after complete curing, is entirely inert and resistant to all typical household and industrial cleaners. (Please consult with the company before using industrial cleaning agents)

Main characteristics

Excellent durability to corrosion, anti-oxidation ,wear and micro scratches

Chemicals, alkali and stain resistant
Spectacular finishing

Very attractive cost per square meter


Up to 80 m2/ liter!! On non-absorbent surfaces, therefore offers excellent cost performance

Instructions for use:

Spread using the NANO COATING sponge (attached), brush, roller or spray equipment
Clean the surface of dirt, oil and old coating and dry thoroughly ( a hot air tool such as hair drier or an IR device may be used )
It is mandatory to clean again thoroughly and deeply with CW-101 made by NANO Z COATING and to dry well
The product preparation is very important: mixing ration: 10 parts of part A and 1 part of part B by volume (not by weight). It is recommended to prepare the whole supplied quantity in advance. The mixing ratio is critical

  1. Shake well part A. Add liquid from part A to part B (into the small bottle) almost to the end of the bottle and shake well
  2. Pour the whole mixture prepared in the small bottle (in part B) into part A (the large bottle) and mix well together for 30 seconds

Apply one thin layer, about 10 microns in thickness and after 10 – 20 seconds polish gently, without applying pressure, with the special composition microfiber cloth (attached)
For special cases only, it is possible to apply a second layer, only after the first is dry to touch. (about two hours)
Any drips or leaks must be removed immediately
Application temperature: 10 – 35ºC
Drying time: to touch: 2 hours; for chemical resistance tests, 48 hours. Maximum durability after at least 2-3 weeks
Workability time: after mixing, 2 – 3 hours depending on the environment temperature
Worktop cleaning after application, under daily use: use a dump microfiber cloth only. There is no need for other materials, except for special cases when dish soap may be used. Do not use steel wool or ScotchBrite
Packaging: 50 ml, 100 ml, 1 liter, gallon 3.8 liter *larger quantities are available on order

Storage: in a covered place. Storage temperature. 3-30ºC. In the original closed container, the product is valid for 12 months

Warnings and remarks:

Keep out of the reach of children, and away from fire and heat sources. Use the accepted  protective measures. Read all the instructions and the MSDS
Do not apply under 10ºC or above 35º, or when rain is expected during the following 72 hours
Apply in a ventilated place
Prior to full application, test a small and hidden place
In case of swallowing or contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and get immediate medical attention
Remove clothing that absorbed the product and wash your body immediately with soap and water

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