NP-400 Nano-Plast

Invisible water-repellent hydrophobic coating for plastics prevents dryness and cracking

What is NP-400?

Nano-Plast coating is a natural, invisible and ultra thin, “breathing” and environmentally friendly coating optimally developed for the plastics industries, for polymer, synthetic surfaces, characterized by various plastic compositions. The robust and stable UV durability greatly improves the resistance to drying out, cracking and disintegration also under harsh environmental conditions of humidity, marine humidity, bacterial contamination, soot, mildew, fungus, mold etc.

For what is it intended?

Acrylic bathtubs, hot tub, shower stalls and dividers, for Caesar marble, Corian, Samsung and other surfaces in the kitchen, siliquartz sinks, plastic furniture, in the vehicle industry for dashboards, bumpers, motorcycles, windscreens, the aircraft and railways industry, plastic based solar panels, optical equipment, irrigation system tops and equipment, buildings and storerooms, acrylic sheets, electronic instruments, awnings and all types of synthetic plastics, polymers, thermoplastics, thermosets.

​How Does Nano–Plast Works?

Nano-Plast penetrates into and also coats the depths of the surface, including cracks and is applied as a very thin nanometric sized coating. Nano-Plast cannot be defined as a “sealant material” since in its action it does not fill in the surface thereby creating the “sealing”, but chemically adheres to and coats the smallest possible surface contours. Thereby, in fact, the smooth “breathing” action of the coated surface is achieved.

Characteristic Properties and Protection Advantages

  • Penetrates also into cracks and holes.
  • Does not change or affect the shade, texture or nature of the surface in any way.
  • Extends the lifespan of the coated surface by many years while preserving its initial properties.
  • Assists in retarding drying and cracking, as well as destruction of the coated surface for many years.
  • The anti-adhesive property and repellence of contaminants assists in keeping the environment clean and does not allow them to penetrate deeply, thereby their removal becomes easy (a damp cloth alone is sufficient, or even light rain).
  • The “self cleaning” effect of rain assists in keeping the surface cleaner of dust, scale, soot and so on! Also ordinary water spraying up to 50 bar is sufficient to remove even bird droppings.
  • Reduces the need for cleaning materials to a minimum.
  • Extraordinarily stable UV durability and resistance to high environmental temperature. Other existing coating products dissolve and disappear as a result of heat and abrasion and especially from the heat and radiation of the sun.
  • Completely resistant to freezing.
  • Safe in the presence of food and approved for use is attested to by the CBA certificate.
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Durable to almost all household and industrial chemicals (except concentrated acids).
  • Hardens at environmental temperature and no additional energy or artificial UV process is required for application!
  • Do-it-yourself application or by standard industrial airless systems (smallest possible nozzle).


Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of use of very small amounts of the material!

​Coverage Capability

100-150 nm/square meter depending on the absorbency and texture of the surface.


DIY 50 ml |  DIY 250ml | DIY 500 ml  | 3.8 L | 19 L