NC-111 Renewing Nano-Plast

Transparent high gloss impact and UV protection for plastic parts

What is NC-111?

NC-111 developed optimally as a nano materials coating of visible size, 25-50 microns thick. It is intended for the plastics industry, to restore and renewing the appearance and protect polymer, synthetic surfaces, characterized by various and diversified plastic compositions.

NC-111 creates a protective layer that penetrates deep into the surface and applied as a coating that fills in, restores and renew dried up plastic parts that have become worn or lost their beauty.

NC-111 provides massive chemical resistance, improved protection against oxidation, abrasive resistance, water mud and ice repellent, hydrophobic and oleophobic (grease repellent), strong UV protection ,anti-graffiti barrier.

All these greatly characteristics improve the resistance to “cracks & dryness” caused by the sun light, as well as anti -disintegration in harsh environmental conditions of soot, high humidity, marine, bacterial contamination, mildew, fungus etc.

NC-20 reduce the accumulation of contaminants as noted and facilitates the easy removal (easy-to-clean effect) as well as self-cleaning & anti-icing during the winter.

NC-20 thereby renew, protects and preserves as new the initial texture properties of the coated surface for many years.

For what is it intended?

For what is it intended? Acrylic bathtubs, hot tubs, shower cabin and partitions, caesar marble siliquartz, corian, samsung another quartz surfaces, sinks, plastic furniture. ​ In vehicle industry for dashboards, bumpers, motorcycles, windscreens, aircraft and railways industry, plastic-based solar panels, irrigation system tops and equipment, buildings and storerooms, computer and TV body, shoes, bags, electrical appliances, awnings and all types of synthetic plastics, polymers, thermoplastics and thermosets.