Nano Coating T-1

Protective coating for vehicle headlights

What is Nano Coating T-1?

It is a hydrophobic, transparent coating, unique development designed to preserve the transparency of a vehicle’s headlights, while maintaining perfect transmission of light.


The product is an excellent repellent of heavy rain and water (up to 95%) with a “self cleaning” effect as well as an “anti adhesive” attribute against mud, dirt, ice and snow, thereby facilitating maximum utilization of the intensity of the lights illumination.


Consistent use of the product will preserve the transparency and intensity of the illumination for an extended period and will retard the process of “murkiness” of the headlights, which causes a reduction in the intensity of the illumination. This will result in improving driving safety at night, in the winter, in snow or driving under rough, off-road conditions.

What is it for?

Vehicle headlights.


D.I.Y set; 1L; 5L; 20L.



Protection Advantages

  • Safety – maximizes the passage of light and thereby greatly improves vision at night and in the winter.

  • “Anti adhesive” attribute – repels adhesion of contaminants, dust, mud, dirt, snow, ice and so on.

  • Long-term treatment – a DIY kit supplies protection for 18 months.

  • Economical – most attractive cost per square meter or single application.

  • Robust physical durability – does not dissolve and remains stable for up to 4 months with a single treatment.

  • Easy to clean – the “anti adhesive” attribute facilitates easy removal of dirt.

Superb Results with Use of Small Quantities of Material