Nano-Car XX-1

Invisible hydrophobic barrier coating preserves and protects vehicle color

What is Nano-Car XX-1?

This unique formula was designed for a new car (up to 2 years), in good paint condition, to combat the biggest “enemy” and greatest problem of color worldwide – sun’s radiation and its damages. Protects from fading of color pigments, soiled snow, and ice, bird droppings, and tree’s fruits contamination and protects from water and road contaminants, which cause corrosion.

XX-1 is a coating comprised of natural and pure Si-O2 based material, which is built up and compressed into thin layers in unique cross-link technology which is innovative and groundbreaking in the field of nanometer coating applied to car paint.

XX-1 is produced in small nanometer size, invisible to the eye, environmentally friendly and optimized for the car paint industry, lacquer coating, synthetic or solvent paints, etc..

A new car has the best quality color and clear topcoat appearance achievable, XX-1 merges with them providing an invisible and stable UV protection barrier which prevents damage from sun radiation to the clear top coat layer and drastically reduces penetration of all sun’s wavelengths radiation (UVC+UVB+UVA) in addition to direct protection to color’s pigments below it. This protection is unrivaled in its quality.

XX-1 provides car’s paint with “nonstick” qualities, which are strong, stable and protect against rubbing (micro scratches caused by sand particles and dust adhering to brushes or synthetic leather used in car washes making them similar to “sandpaper”). In addition, its hydrophobic and oleo-phobic properties help this coating to reduce the accumulation of environmental contaminants such as dust, mud, soot, oil, etc. and contribute to easy removal of snow and ice as well as “self-cleaning” during rain.

XX-1 provides excellent invisible barrier (natural) durable and strong against corrosion, unparalleled in strength, compared to any other invisible coating when protecting the upper layer of car’s paint. It designed against bird and bat droppings, tree fruits, each of them an “acid” which causes damage and initially attacking the clear topcoat layer and then to the paint pigments and ultimately to the car’s chassis causing severe damage.

XX-1 makes cleaning and removal of contaminants an easy task by using only damp microfiber cloth without the need for running water, soap and other detergents and/or aggressive solvents. In this respect, the XX-1 contributes to environmental protection and prevents contamination of ground and aquifers.



Nano-Car XX-1 is a revolutionary product in the field of invisible coating, a unique technology, one of a few worldwide, designed to protect and preserve as new the texture and properties of the new coated surface for a long time compared to other products such as: polymers, waxes, silicones or other “nano” materials who under the existing conditions in Israel of intense sun and humidity decay quickly and/or decompose leaving stains “and flake residues” in the clear coat and/or beneath it causing severe damage, sometimes irreversible, requiring large monetary investment to clean and restore.


Who are its clients?

Automotive industry, motorbikes, trains, synthetic colors and clear coats, oven baked colors.

How does the Nano-Car function?

The Nano-Car penetrates deep into the paint’s surface layer creating a thin protective layer, nanometer thick (invisible), creating no shine. Its function is to preserve the new car appearance in its optimal condition for the longest period.

The nano-car cannot be defined as a “sealant”, it adheres functionally to the clear coat layer, changing the surface energy physically and in doing so acts as a “penetrating coat” on the smallest microscopic surface contours creating an outstanding protective barrier layer.

nano_car XX1.jpg

Amazing results, high cost-effectiveness per square meter due to small quantities of material required!

Characterizing features and protective advantages

  • The “nonstick” effect does not allow contaminants to penetrate. This effect makes cleaning and removing them easily without requiring cleaning chemicals (a microfiber cloth with water or water pressure of up to 50bar).

  • High anti UV stability provides surface protection in Israel for up to 1 year and 3 years in Europe!! (And more, depending on storage, UV radiation, vehicle’s location, humidity, coastal or desert environment, cleaning cycles, etc.) compared to other types of coating based on wax/silicone/polymers which decay and decompose under heat, sunlight and radiation within a few days or weeks.

  • It is an outstanding barrier against corrosion and road contaminants which attack the lower part of the vehicle’s chassis.

  • One coat application

  • Colorless, odorless does not affect color’s hue, texture, surface characteristics in any way.

  • Very high adhesion, high resistance to rubbing action! Other materials wear off after slight rubbing.

  • XX-1 designed to adhere only to the topcoat layer. Therefore does not harm any of the vehicle’s surfaces such as plastic, nickel, metal, glass, etc.

  • When used continuously the XX-1 extends coated surface life for many years while preserving their original characteristics. It enhances clear coat’s properties, slows down the rate of paint fading, corrosion, decay and damage to the coated surface.

  • Resistant to nearly all cleaning chemicals for home and industrial use. Other materials disappear after using standard cleaning materials and after a few cleaning cycles.

  • “Self-cleaning” effect during rain assists in keeping the surface clean from dust, mud, soot, scale etc. Spraying water at 50bar is enough to clean even bird droppings.

  • Saves the need for cleaning chemicals and protects the environment.

  • Completely anti-freeze.

  • Excellent results even when using very small quantities –

  • Can be self-applied as a DIY kit or using standard industrial airless systems (smallest jet aperture).

  • Surface is water repellent immediately after application has completely dried. Resistance to cleaning abrasion only after 24 hours.

  • Amazing results,  high cost-effectiveness per square meter due to small quantities of material required!

Coating thickness:

100-150Nm in one coat, depending on absorption rate, surface texture and application mode.


DIY kit for private vehicles application.

DIY kit for SUVs for application on “Jeeps” and van & small commercial vehicles.

1 Liter, 3.8 Liter,19 Liter.