Car Nano Coating NC-14

Ti-10H hardness. Transparent high gloss hydrophobic coating renews and preserves vehicle paint.

What is Nano Car NC-14 Coating?

NC-14 designed as a nano-coating at the visible size, 25-50 microns thickness. NC-14 renewing, restoring and preserving the car’s attractive appearance, provides properties such as super high gloss, UV protection, hydrophobic, Anti-corrosion, micro scratch barrier, dust repellent, pollution contaminants barrier and ” easy to clean” effect. 

NC-14 applied on the car’s lacquer in a unique strong crosslink structure at a maximum hardness of 9H fortified by a hard titanium base. Additional coat layers strength the protection. 

NC-14 applied as a transparent protective coating with outstanding property “to penetrate and fill the micro surface holes”. The coating increases car attractiveness and total appearance restores and renews the color depth shade. Power by the TI compound, NC-14 provides resistance to slight abrasions and micro scratches such as made by car wash machines. 

NC-14 provides excellent surface properties for massive chemical resistance to bird droppings and fruit trees, repelling water, mud, ice, hydrophobic and oleophobic (oiliness-repelling) and strong and stable UV protection.

All these properties greatly improve corrosion resistance as well as the top lacquer layer disintegration to preserves the gloss paint shade in harsh environmental conditions such as soot, humidity, maritime humidity, and other contaminations. 

NC-14 reduces the build-up contaminants facilitates their easy removal (easy-to-clean effect) as well as self-cleaning during rain. 

NC-14 thereby protects and preserves the initial textural properties of the coated surface for many years.

Field of applications:

– Vehicles and aircraft industries
– Car paint restoration and renewing as well as trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycle’s etc.

Main advantages:

  • Eliminate the need of polishing, which by its action leads to removal of at least one lacquer layer, thereby reducing wear and tear protection

  • Super high gloss

  • A strong protective barrier provides a micro scratch protection

  • Spares the need for wax as a protective coating

  • Renew the lost color and the shine appearance

  • Strengthens the protection against rust, erosion and wear.

  • Preserve the total appearance with its initial properties for a longer period

  • The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (water and oiliness-repellent) do not allow dirt, mud, and contaminants attacks because: 
    a) The coating forms a stable barrier against contaminants such as bird droppings and fruit trees, thereby preventing those damages
    b) Anti-adhesion property facilitates easy contaminations removal only by water and a microfiber cloth thereby saves the costs of the chemicals

  • Reduces fingerprint traces and allows their easy removal.

  • Strong and stable UV durability for many years (depending on the ambient climate)

  • Stable chemical resistance to almost all standard household or industrial cleaning products generally used in the car cleaning industry.

  • Excellent for use in harsh environmental conditions of humidity


Very attractive cost per square meter!!

Application instructions:

Important Note: All application steps must performed on every part of the vehicle from start to finish i.e. from the micron cleaning to the end of the second layer application, continuously, accordant the correct drying & cleaning time in each step. Only then, step forward to coat the next vehicle part 

Gold level:

  1. Apply the coating in a shaded, closed, ventilated place. Protected against dust.                Ambient working temperature: 10-35°C and humidity of 50-60%.

  2. Clean and wash thoroughly grease, wax and dirt using soap and water

  3. Dry well using cloth or electrical hot air devices

  4. Protect car parts using adhesive tape onto undesired elements for coating such as around headlights, nickel bars, car symbols, windshields, etc.

  5. For deep micron cleaning use Component A using microfiber cloth, 1 car parts at a time.

  6. Wait for full evaporation (2-3 minutes).

  7. Only on the area cleaned with Component A drip 5-8 drops each time on the enclosed sponge and gently and thoroughly apply a first coat in straight overlapping lines, in one direction, without applying pressure.

  8. Wait 1-1.5 minutes until the first hardening.  Warning: do not leave it to dry more than that since the coating will harden and be hard to polish. Clean immediately leaks and drips

  9. Polish the surface and remove the residue using quality microfiber and applying gentle pressure, with rotary movements to get a complete shine surface.

  10. Second or next layer application: wait 20-30 minutes and repeat sections 7-9

Platinum level: For application of a third and fourth layers -repeat sections 7-10


  • Dilution: Not required. The product is ready for use.

  • Drying/hardening mechanism: At natural temperature, without external means. However, the hardening time can accelerate using IR lamps or a hot air system at a temperature of 60°C for up to an hour and humidity of 50-70%

  • Drying time for contact: 1 hour after final layer.

  • Full hardening: 24 hours.  Final cross-link: 72 hours.

  • Cleaning tools: white spirit as long, as the product has not yet hardened.

  • For industrial use: low air pressure is required (airless with fine nozzle of 0.25-0.3 or less).

  • Final coating thickness Gold level: 50-100µ.

  • Final coating thickness Platinum level: 100-200µ.


DIY GOLD LEVEL KIT (two coats)


Industrial packaging: 1liter; 3.8 liters; 19  liters

Storage conditions:

In original and closed container:  12 months.

Storage temperature: 3-35°C.


  • Flammable. Do not smoke. Keep away from heat and fire source. Keep out of reach of children. Use standard protective means, read all the instructions and understand the MSDS.

  • Do not apply in temperatures of less than 10°C or more than 35°C.

  • Apply in a ventilated place.

  • Remove drips and dripping immediately. 

  • Carry out preliminary test in small hidden place.

  • In case of swallowing or contact with eyes rinse abundantly with water and seek medical treatment immediately.