WO-100 / WO-200 Nano Wood

Invisible hydrophobic water repellent coating for wood prevents dryness, moisture, mold, and cracking

What is Nano – Wood?

It is a dedicated formula designed for protection of wood, carton and paper. This water-based coating is transparent, invisible and ultra thin, for natural and painted wood.

Both coatings are natural and “breathing”. They are suited for almost any type and composition of wood, and assist in preventing absorption of water, different liquids, dirt, mud, contaminants, animals secretions and more.

The coating preserves and does not harm the initial properties of the coated object, such as, color, texture, softness to the touch, flexibility, prints and under certain conditions remains active and stabile for a long time.

What is it intended?

Suitable for all types of wood: MDF, EPA wood, Pine, Oak, Beech, Bamboo, Balsa, Cardboard, Paper and more. Garden & bathroom furniture, parquet, thin surfaces, garden furniture, houses and wooden structures, pergolas, fences, boats, external and internal doors, lintels and decorative coatings.

​How Does Nano – Wood Work?

Nano – Wood WO-100/200 penetrates and coats the wood, carton and paper with a very thin coating just 25-100 nm thick.
This coating should not be classified as a sealant since its action does not fill the surface thereby creating a sealant, but chemically attaches to and coats the smallest possible contours of the surface. In this manner, the “breathing” action of the coated surface is achieved.

Typical Properties and Protection Advantages

  • Extends the lifespan of the coated object while maintaining the texture, nature and basic properties, also when used externally, and leaves the object clean and dry for a longer period of time.
  • The anti-adhesive property repels and prevents absorption of various contaminants and dirt from sinking into the depths of the surface, so that the dust particles are easy to remove by simple means, and cleaning becomes more thorough and easier.
  • Extraordinarily stable and robust UV durability assists in preventing drying out and cracks in the wood, and greatly improves the exterior durability of the object. Other products based on oil, silicon, Teflon and other solvents dissolve and disappear rapidly as a result of sunlight, solar radiation and air pollution!
  • The “breathing” effect unique to Nano – Wood WO-100/200 enables long-term preservation of the nature and texture of the wood. No other material available today has this critical property!
  • Odorless and colorless, natural ingredients, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Enables painting, tinted oiling, gluing and lacquers.
  • Safe even in the presence of food. Approved for use by the CBA.
  • Chemically durable to a high degree of PH! (Unusual in concentrated alkaloid preparations).
  • Connects at environmental temperature and there is no need for additional energy.



Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of use of very small amounts of the material!

Nano – Wood WO-100/200 Compared to Oil, Paint, Lacquer and Impregnation Materials:

WO-100: 10-40 square meters/liter, depending on the absorbency and type of surface.

WO-200: 80-120 square meters/liter, depending on the absorbency, type of surface and form of applicatio


WO-100: 250 ml; 500 ml; 3.8 liters; 19 liters.

WO-200: 250 ml; 500 ml; 3.8 liters; 19  liters.